4 HOA Board Responsibilities in Austin, Texas

4 HOA Board Responsibilities in Austin, Texas

Homeowners associations are more popular in Texas than ever before. Statistics show that Texas is third in the nation for HOAs, with a whopping 21,680 associations in 2021. Every HOA that operates in the state has an HOA board that is tasked with running the association.

If you're considering running for a position on your HOA board, you're probably wondering exactly what you're signing up for. Read on to learn all about some of the most common duties of HOA board members!

1. Manage the HOA Budget and Finances

Each HOA board has set positions like president, vice president, and treasurer. The treasurer has the primary responsibility of managing the budget and finances of the HOA. The entire board must work together, however, to set up and approve the HOA budget, allocate funds for spending, and manage incoming and outgoing funds.

If you're setting up a brand new HOA in Texas, this area is of particular importance. It may benefit you to enlist the help of a professional HOA management company to get started.

2. Take Care of Common Areas

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a property within an HOA is the fact that there are common areas and homeowners don't have to take care of them.

Board members must make sure that everything within the HOA is in excellent condition. Common examples include hiring landscapers to keep lawns mown and hedges trimmed and making sure roads are well-paved and free from potholes. If pools, clubhouses, or tennis courts need repair, then the board must contract for those repairs.

3. Select an HOA Manager

When you're part of an HOA board for a particularly large community, managing every aspect of the community may be too much to do on your own. That's why one of the best things an HOA board can do for a community is to hire an HOA management company.

A community manager takes care of daily operations like sending violation notices and conflict resolution. This frees up the HOA board members to take on high-level activities like decision-making and community maintenance.

4. Ensure Compliance with CC&Rs

Every HOA has bylaws known as covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs). These bylaws tell members of the HOA how to maintain their property. Unfortunately, not every member complies with them.

Board members typically make sure that all households are compliant. However, if you hire a community manager, then they typically enforce the CC&Rs on the board's behalf.

Need Help Managing Your HOA Board?

Raising your hand for a position on your community's HOA board might sound intimidating, but it can be pretty fulfilling work. It also doesn't have to be as time-consuming as you would expect with the help of an HOA management company. By the time your term on the board is up, you might just find yourself running again!

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