COVID-19 Pandemic: Hotels Vs. Vacation Rentals

COVID-19 Pandemic: Hotels Vs. Vacation Rentals
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Which will come back faster?

We know that vacation rentals (VR) have a higher probability of resurging and sustaining.  Individuals are becoming tired of living and working at home.  They are beginning to weigh the risks and rewards of traveling.  Most are currently leaning towards driving as it is not in the public domain like flying on an airplane.  This choice reduces the length of travel.  We are seeing a ton of people travel within a 300-mile radius of major cities, to rural areas.

Upon arriving at their destination people are continuously picking vacation rentals over hotels.  This comes down to privacy over being in the public domain.  VR’s allow people to choose the individuals they want to travel with.  Most VR’s are also implementing over-the-top sanitation strategies.

Based on the data we are seeing, Austin, TX is in great shape as we have a large population that enjoys staycations.  ATX is also very close to Texas’ other large cities and has rural areas out towards Lake Travis.