Important Things to Consider Before Starting a Short Term Rental

Important Things to Consider Before Starting a Short Term Rental

Do you dream of generating passive income through a vacation rental home in Austin? You're in good company.

Research shows the number of short-term rentals was projected to reach more than 1.3 million in 2023. This is higher than the 1.1 million recorded in 2019.

Earning income from your property sounds appealing. There's a lot that goes into managing short-term rentals, though. Let's explore the key factors to consider before committing to a vacation rental.


Strong customer communication is essential for a successful short-term rental business. Proactive and positive guest interactions may lead to five-star social media or Airbnb reviews. Delivering these interactions isn't easy, though.

Today's short-term rental guests expect their homes' hosts to be flexible and responsive. Airbnb hosts have one day to decline or approve reservation requests, but most hosts approve these requests within an hour. Being slow to respond may cause you to lose business.

Consider hiring a property manager if you don't think you can communicate with guests efficiently and promptly.

A short-term rental management company can answer your guests' questions. They can also address their concerns.

The company can help check your guests in and out, too. This might involve providing keys or key codes.

Vacation rental management companies may even provide concierge services for you. This may include helping your guests do the following:

  • Making restaurant reservations
  • Arranging transportation
  • Buying tickets to attractions

Let a management company help your customers plan their stays by recommending activities if they're not sure what to do yet.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Coordinating property cleaning is another important part of short-term rental management.

Airbnb made many guests feel safer during the COVID pandemic by strengthening their cleaning protocol. This means there's more pressure today to make short-term rental properties spotless between visitors.

Look for a dependable cleaning service to handle this important task for your vacation rental. The right housekeeping service will keep your short-term rental home well-maintained and clean during your guests' stays.


How will you avoid double-booking your vacation rental?

Double-booking rental properties may happen due to mixing up dates or poor organization. It may lead to negative online reviews since it's unprofessional and inconvenient for guests.

Hire a property management company to handle booking for you.

A reputable company will use booking automation technology. This will help them coordinate your home's stays and prevent double bookings.

Using this software will also free them up to focus on other important tasks, like preventive maintenance and inspections.

Managing Short-Term Rentals

Managing short-term rentals can be a huge task. A property manager can help you communicate effectively with your guests. They may also handle your maintenance, cleaning, and bookings.

At PMI Austin Metro, we offer high-quality short-term rental services. We can handle your vacation rental marketing and accounting tasks. We're also happy to provide guest services for you.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our services, and partner with us today!